CaptchaAd helps advertisers get better results from online video advertising by most effectively connecting brands and consumers at sites where CAPTCHAs are deployed (in other words, almost everywhere).

Our ability to target, optimize and deliver brand messaging to the right audience is a key advantage.  Additionally, CaptchaAd provides a variety of innovative ad formats that increase viewer attention and engagement.

By combining our unique CPMi (cost per mile interaction) model with a revolutionary replacement for CAPTCHAs, we guarantee advertisers that between 96-99% of all viewers start and interact with the target video ad by answering brand and product information that drives impressive CTRs.

Click on the logos below to demo recent campaigns in CaptchaAd environments:

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In both the European and United States market, CaptchaAd aims to deliver powerful video reach by working with the largest and highly branded media properties, and we are flexible enough to work with any publisher on the Internet.

CaptchaAd has built a team of online video experts exclusively focused on delivering a premium service to advertisers and their agencies.  Building long-lasting advertiser, agency and publisher relationships are our business and we take great pride in over delivering at every turn.  We look forward to working with you and your agency on your next media plan.

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