As one of Germany’s hottest new startups, CaptchaAd’s goal is to become a market-leading online video advertising solution by replacing an estimated 250 million daily text SPAM-protection CAPTCHA transactions with interactive video advertising that guarantees brand engagement.

By rapidly deploying our proprietary patent-pending video ad platform, CaptchaAd's goal is simple: provide video advertising that guarantees results, while having fun along the way.  Our prize-winning solution is connecting advertisers and consumers through interactive video ads on a wide range of entertainment, gaming and popular culture brands and across hundreds of leading sites, blogs, as well as social and mobile applications.

We are the first company globally to partner with major advertisers and publishers to maximize video advertising opportunities around CAPTCHA events.  By creating a new market online, CaptchaAd is driving a significant new revenue stream for publishers, helping them to extract more value out of their video content and monetize it in a user-friendly manner. For advertisers, CaptchaAd provides the ability to target, optimize and deliver ad messages in place of CAPTHCAs to the right content and audience, maximizing user engagement.

We're committed to giving our partners and our audiences compelling advertisements which replace cumbersome CAPTCHAs and are delivered seamlessly to complement the online video experience.  Fully transparent and powered by the most innovative technology in the industry, CaptchaAd simply brings brands alive and interactive.

The company is headquartered in Bonn Germany with offices in San Francisco and London.