As CaptchaAd begins to deliver an increasingly large number of great campaigns, great brands are jumping onto our solution. CaptchaAds are a versatile rich media format that replace static CAPTCHA transacations.  

Because we deeply consider consider how viewers experience and interact with video ads that replace CAPTCHAs, our video ad solution has been designed to integrate seamlessly into publishers’ content, drastically decreasing abandonment rates.

In addition to an easy-to-integrate technology, we offer innovative rich-media overlays that politely allows users to delve deeper into a complex brand message without ever leaving your site. To see for yourself, click on the logos below to demo recent campaigns that have run on the CaptchaAd platform:

To the demos here.

CaptchaAd compensates publishers on a CPE (cost per engagement) basis. This means your inventory is priced based on how much value it brings to the advertiser. We measure value based on user engagement rates with a brand message on your site.

CaptchaAd is partnering with the largest video ad networks in the world to allow us to connect top brands to the most popular publishers, generating the optimal monetization potential for websites.

Please contact us to learn more about our video ad solutions for publishers.