• Through the CAd-Journey the user has the possibility to interact over more than one contact with the advertiser. This does not only contribute to the advertising impact and the involvement with the brand, but also to a pinpoint pinpoint communication.

    For the first time the “mass advertising form” video can be extended wisely in a CAd-Journey with elements of direct & dialog marketing.

  • Film & Artwork © 2016 PEUGEOT Deutschland GmbH. All rights reserved.


Multiple linking

Film & Artwork © 2015 MM Brown Deutschland GmbH. All rights reserved.

Multiple choice buttons

Film & Artwork © 2015 Microsoft Germany GmbH. All rights reserved.

Market research

Film & Artwork © 2013 Kia Motors. All rights reserved.

Additional visit

Film & Artwork © 2015 MMD Automobile GmbH. All rights reserved.

Dynamic landing page

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Dynamic end screen

Film & Artwork © 2014 Renault Deutschland AG. All rights reserved.

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