• CAdCaptcha – user-friendly SPAM-protection

    CAdCaptcha is the classical CAd! It is being implemented as a replacement for Captchas into spots where there must be ensured that a human being and not a machine (e.g. „Spambot“) has filled out the form.


    Favorite implementation spots


    Registration, newsletter sign out


    As security barrier in raffle forms

  • CAdwall - Monetization of premium content

    CAdwall enables website providers to monetize precious content in a manner that is accepted by the user: Solving a CAd releases an amount which would be to little for traditional online payments. Information about CAdwall for online newspapers you can find here.


    Favorite implementation spots

    Editorial contents

    In front of articles (example)


    To earn virtual currencies / goods


    Before starting a mini game

    Personality tests

    Before getting test results


    Software, documents or pictures

    Social networks

    Votings, looking for profiles


    Calculators (e.g.BMI), changing user data


    Adding contacts, sending messages, opening threads, commenting articles

  • CAdRoll – the PreRoll, where the user has got a choice

    CAdRoll is - as the well known advertising medium PreRoll/MidRoll - being placed in front of or within moving-image contents. Through input of the right answer, the commercial skips and the user directy proceeds to the desired content. Also possible: Pure PreRolls without quesion-answer-systematics.

    CAd is compatible to VAST and VPAID. Thereby CAds can be displayed directly in the video player, without additional embedding effort by the publisher.


    Favorite implementation spots

    PreRoll, MidRoll

    Before or between video contents

  • Demonstrator - Integration spots for CAds


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Whether as effective SPAM-protection, user-friendly PreRoll or as a tool for monetising premium contents and services: CAds offer publishers a numerous amount of application possibilities. We will gladly help you to find the appropriate spots on your website. Contact us!
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