Why advertise with CAd?

CAds are regarded as innovative advertising media. Through the interactive systematization, CAds ensure that the maximum possible attention for your brand will be achieved. That is why this format is superb in comparison to others in terms of branding & brand communication.

We will gladly help you to create a customized media concept for you. Please contact us at [email protected]!

CAd guarantees that your advertise was watched & understood 

CAdvertising …

  • offers additional usergroups and rankings via new formats and interactive systematization.
  • is highly accepted by users due to intelligent integration into added-value processes. (take a look at Usability)
  • is especially suited for branding and brand communication as pointed questions towards USP or your brand can be asked.
  • tenders superior quality through additional branding-area with multiple linking possibility, Call-to-Action elements and individual design to order.
  • offers in comparison to PreRoll-Ads and TrueView-Ads the highest effectivity. (take a look at Effektivitätsanalyse)
  • ensures the highest lasting memory of  your product and brand via the “crib sheet effect”. (take a look at Studien)
  • guarantees 100% of the users attention regarding the sales massage due to involvement in process.
  • already convinced and won numerous namable advertising partner. (take a look in our Showroom)

Flexible accountingmodels and comprehensive reportings

No matter if CPM, CPC, CPV or CPE, our accountingmodels are aimed flexibly at the needs of your campaign. Our used technologie makes it possible for us to measure vast numbers of parameters and analyze the evaluation from the users directly. For the benefit behaviour there will be a statistic within the scope of our Datenschutzrichtlinien – some of the categories are the View-Through-Rate, clicks on the Video, clicks on the branding-area and given answers .

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