”What convinced us the most about CaptchaAd was along the international reach and the high click rate, the branding component of the advert format. Through intelligent positioning the user is provided an incentive considering the input for the, in our video advertised, domain or brand name. Thus we achieved that 95% of the users willingly input or name, which of course leads to a positive image transfer and a traceable branding effect.”

Andreas Heidenreich, online marketing manager DACH, Spreadshirt


”The effectiveness and measurability of this advert form convinced us. Therefore CaptchaAds are increasingly components in our online campaigns.”

Britt Liebler, marketing manager, Universal Pictures Germany GmbH


”shop-apotheke.com is one of the leading online pharmacies in the german market. As an online Pure Player we constantly search for intelligent advertising measures on the internet in order to increase our brand recognition. The interactive advert solution of CaptchaAd enables us to enlarge our brand recognition with only little spreading and a high advertising impact exactly in our target group.  The additionally generated sales through direct linking from the advertising media to our shop once again increase the measurability of  CaptchAds for us.”

Stephan Weber, founder & CEO, shop-apotheke.com


„Innovative digital marketing is an important component of our event: The dmexco-CaptchaAd reveals the versatile possibilities, which this advert form offers publishers as well as advertisers.“

Frank Schneider, director marketing, sales & operations of Koelnmesse GmbH and Co-founder of dmexco


”The integration of CaptchaAds and the hence emerging advantages for our users in terms of maximum SPAM-protection and added user-friendliness allow a positive conclusion about our collaboration. Along the effective monetization of new divisions we get almost continuously positive feedback and therefore we are determined to enlarge our collaboration with CaptchaAd GmbH.“

Stefanie Waehlert, CEO, lokalisten.de


”The idea and the implementation of the advert format of CaptchaAd GmbH are unique. Through the advert format of CaptchaAd a 100 percent of ad media contact arises, which is therefore measurable in the advertising impact and reflects the success of a campaign in numbers.“

Henrik Luijendijk, responsible for the division new media, MITSUBISHI MOTORS Deutschland


”CaptchaAd campaigns suit us ideal for our marketing mix, like for example the advertising for our new movie “THOR”. Besides we are very happy about the high click rates of this advert form, which keenly supports us to convey the interested user continuative information about “THOR”. We already have the next advert campaign in planing process with CaptchaAd and are looking forward to another promising cooperation.”

Sandra Funck, senior marketing manager, Paramount Pictures Germany GmbH


”We are very happy about our cooperation with CaptchaAd. Thanks to CaptchaAd we can offer our users additional benefit regarding data security and user friendliness when expanding GIGA.de. Our colleagues from the download portals Winload.de already made good experiences with CaptchaAd.”

Fabian Kröll, project manager, GIGA.de


”The idea is as easy as genial. A product can hardly reach even more attention.“

Alexander Becker, Redaktion, meedia.de


”Just when there are  difficult economic times, publisher need to proof their abilities towards their investors and that they exploit all possibilities with their web offers in order to generate sales. CaptchaAd offers an outstanding and easy applicable application, which monetizes web contents and latent sales potentials  through an intelligent web form. The „provided“ bot-protection represents at the same time a welcomed and safe solution for the spam-problematic, which is getting out of hand in the WWW.“

Stefan Bülling, CEO, FINREL GmbH


”The idea excites, because it is unique, innovative, user friendly and furthermore well scalable.“

Nicolas Gabrysch, partner, Osborne Clarke


„CaptchaAd is currently the most innovative and forward-looking advertising product on the internet. An ideal possibility to combine security, brand communication and channel marketing on the internet.”

Oliver Hülse, commercial director, Adconion Media Group


”In comparison to the often offered, unreadable CAPTCHAS the short videos of CaptchaAd are a huge improvement. With the bot-security, website operators can secure another additional source of income.”

Alexander Hüsing, chief editor, deutsche-startups.de


”One of the most thrilling and most inspiring video applications for a long time.“

Jochen Kirsch, publisher, Exciting Commerce


”I got to know about CaptchaAd by the time they won the “Champ of the Camp” as they attended the Start-Up camp of Sun. The idea is so easy and clear, they already convinced me with a 2 minute elevator pitch. I am now together with Donatus Schmid (marketing director germany) looking forward to the marketing and sales workshop (main benefit of the StartUp Camps!) with the guys and hope that in the future more and more annoying CAPTCHAs will be replaced through CaptchaAds.”

Christian Müller, startup community & online marketing manager, Sun Microsystems GmbH


”CaptchaAds are high-quality advert forms with immediate cognition control. For advertiser this is the ideal platform in order to postion products with maximum attention grabbing effect.”

Thomas Ottersbach, CEO, mediaroute GmbH


”Through the combination of practically oriented usabilty- and security optimization by improved CAPTCHA-technology and the additional marketing potential of integrated advert forms, CaptchaAd offers multidimensinal added value for publishers as well as for advertisers.”

Carsten Vogt, manager business development, Goldbach Media Management

Bildschirmfoto 2013-05-16 um 18.31.07

”CaptchaAds are spam safe and easy to implement into the website. Together with the additional sales potential, CapcthaAd is an optimal tool for portal operator!“

Christian Weis, founder & CEO, business-on.de

Bildschirmfoto 2013-05-16 um 18.39.56

”Through the interactive web more and more users involve themselves in discussions on the web. In order to protect the forums, blogs, etc. against spam bots, it has become custom to identify oneself as human before publishing ones’ opinion or comment. This happens up until now by means of the ”decoding” of graphical sharply distorted numbers and numerical sequences, which a bot can not automatically read. Why not use this short attention span time  for advertising? The short videos of CaptchaAd are more perceived as quiz than advertisement by the user, they involve him therefore more and do not take him (significantly) longer than he would spend at this point anyway.”

Tobias Worzyk, blogger, hamburg-startups.de


”Banner blindness is one of the big problems in online marketing – a lot of users do not take notice anymore of typical banner formats. CaptchaAd cleverly solved the problem and positioned the advertisement in a division, which simply can not be ignored.”

Nico Zorn, partner, saphiron GmbH