CAdwall - the user-friendly paywall alternative for online-newspapers

The CAdwall allows publishers to monetize their redactional content, without taking money from the user. The CAdwall is based on the principle of the established advertising format CAd, where users have to watch a commercial and answer a question dealing with the content of the commercial in order to continue consuming the content. Due to the Question-Answer-System – e.g. through entering the name of the brand or the product –  the advertiser can be sure, that the user saw and understood the commercial.

Your contact person:

Jan Philipp Hinrichs
Founder & CEO
+49 (0)89 - 237 129 - 21
[email protected]


Why CAdwall instead of paywall?

  • Your content gets monetized - but stays accessible for everyone!! This is also valid for search-engine bots, that can read out the content entirely.
  • The CAdwall is accecpted by users. The bounce rate is below 10%.
  • Only high quality commercials are used. You can find a couple of examples in our showroom.
  • The CAd-player reaches a very high advertising effect what results in a high payout..
  • The technical integration is easy, fast and individual adaptable on the publisher’s needs.

 The CAdwall® recieves high  acceptance values amongst the users

The bounce rate for CAdwall®-implements  lies for example in the entertainment sector  in the lower single-digit percentage range. In locations, where the user recieves a noticeable added value, e.g. before high-quality content like online articles or virtual goods, which otherwise must be paid, the acceptance of adverts is extremely high and the bounce rate therefore very low.

According to a specially commissioned studie, users react towards CAds with a comparable acceptance like towards the common and accepted PreRoll ads.



Easy integration - with or without teaser function

The technical integration of CAdwall® is easy and flexible to control. So it is for example possible to only show CAdwall® to readers, who entered the website over Google or only cover particularly high-quality articles with CAdwall®, while others stay available for free.

For the concrete implementation there are, however, two alternatives available:

  • CAdwall® as a layer: When entering the article page a layer is laid over the complete page. In order to read the full article one needs’ to solve the CAdwall®. On this page the CAdwall®  is implemented as a layer: Click here or reload the page in order to try the integration out again.
  • CAdwall® with a teaser: The beginning of the artcile, e.g. the first paragraph, stays freely readable. If one wants to go on reading, they must first solve the CAdwall®.


Test the CAdwall on your website!

Because of the fast integration the CAdwall can be tested easily. We gladly consult you in technical questions. Contact us!