CaptchaAd - interactive video advertising

CaptchaAd is a moving-image advertising format in which a commercial is followed by a question-and-answer prompt related to the hidden content of commercials. CaptchaAds are positioned intelligently within certain processes. During the commercials the user has to correctly answer the question that was hidden within the ad spot and enter it into the integrated type-in box to get at the underlying value. A value for the user, for example, can be represented in the form of time-limited access to premium content, premium features and the receipt of virtual products. By entering the desired brand message the user is engaged at a high level of involvement, guaranteeing the advertiser a 100% ad-content contact and guaranteed cognition by the user of the examined advertising message. An advertising effectiveness study conducted by the Institute Fresenius in Cologne, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors, demonstrates the extremely high advertising impact of CaptchaAds. By integrating clickable, commercial deep-links, the ad-spot is also suitable for clearance sales and lead generation.

Originally developed as a pure replacement of CAPTCHAs the CaptchaAd advertising format provides advertisers with a variety of possible uses for targeted product and brand communication strategies. CaptchaAds can be employedin different versions. Just take a look at our CaptchaAd versions to get an overview.

Standard-Format: 300x250
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„" is one of the leading online pharmacies in the German market. As a purely online player, we are constantly looking for improvements in intelligent advertising on the Internet that might increase our brand awareness. CaptchaAd’s interactive advertising solution enables us to heighten brand awareness with little wastage and to increase advertising effect directly within our target group. The additional revenues generated through direct links from advertising content on our page have illustrated once more the measurable effect of CaptchaAd."

Stephan Weber,
Founder & CEO,
XL-Format: 600x400
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 "The effectiveness and measurability of this form of advertising has convinced us as to why CaptchaAds are an ever-increasing part of our online campaigns."

Britt Liebler,
Marketing Manager, Universal Pictures Germany GmbH


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