"What has impressed us with CaptchaAd, alongside its international scope and the high click-rate, is the branding component of the advertising format. Through intelligent placement, the user has an incentive to enter advertised domain or product names. Thus we have reached rates of 95% in which the user has happily entered our names, which of course leads to a positive image and detectable branding a effect. "

Andreas Heidenreich,
Online Marketing Manager DACH, Spreadshirt


"The effectiveness and measurability of this form of advertising has convinced us as to why CaptchaAds are an ever-increasing part of our online campaigns."

Britt Liebler,
Marketing Manager, Universal Pictures Germany GmbH


"Shop-apotheke.com is one of the leading online pharmacies in the German market. As a purely online player, we are constantly looking for improvements in intelligent advertising on the Internet that might increase our brand awareness. CaptchaAd’s interactive advertising solution enables us to heighten brand awareness with little wastage and to increase advertising effect directly within our target group. The additional revenues generated through direct links from advertising content on our page have illustrated once more the measurable effect of CaptchaAd."

Stephan Weber,
Founder & CEO shop-apotheke.com


"Innovative Digital Marketing is an important part of our event: The dmexco CaptchaAd clearly shows the diverse possibilities offered by this form of advertising, both for publishers and advertisers."

Frank Schneider, Director of Marketing,
Sales & Operations at Koelnmesse GmbH and co-initiator of the dmexco


"The integration of CaptchaAd and the resulting benefits to our users in the form of maximum SPAM protection and increased user friendliness has been the greatest result of our work together. In addition to the effective monetization of new areas we have received almost entirely positive feedback from our users, and are therefore determined to work further with CaptchaAd GmbH. "

Stefanie Waehlert,
CEO, lokalisten.de


"The idea and implementation oft CaptchaAd GmbH’s advertising format are unique. Through its format, CaptchaAd advertising establishes 100 percent advertising-contact, and the result is measurable both in advertising effect and campaign success."

Henrik Luijendijk,
New Media Division at MITSUBISHI MOTORS Deutschland


"CaptchaAd campaigns fit ideally into our marketing mix, currently the application of our new movie ‘Thor.’ In addition, we are very pleased with the high click rates of this form of advertising that will help us share further information about ‘THOR’ with interested parties. We have already planned our the next campaign with CaptchaAd, and are looking forward to another promising collaboration."

Sandra Funck,
Senior Marketing Manager, Paramount Pictures Germany GmbH


"We are delighted about our partnership with CaptchaAd. With the expansion of GIGA.de we can, thanks to CaptchaAd, offer users added value in terms of data security and user friendliness. Our colleagues at the download portal Winload.de have also had good experiences with CaptchaAd. "

Fabian Kroell, 
Project Leader, GIGA.de


"The idea as simple as it is ingenious. A product can hardly achieve more attention. "

Alexander Becker,
Editorial, meedia.de


"Especially in difficult economic times, publishers have to demonstrate to their investors an ability to exploit all revenue generating opportunities with their websites. CaptchaAd provides an excellent and easy application to monetize Web content and tap revenue potential through an intelligent form of advertising. The "bundled" bot-protection represents a welcome and safe solution to the escalating spam problem on the World Wide Web. "

Stefan Bülling,


"It’s an exciting idea because it’s unique, innovative, user-friendly and also has good scalability."

Nicolas Gabrysch,
Partner, Osborne Clarke


"CaptchaAd currently provides the most innovative and advanced product range of advertising on the Internet. An ideal opportunity to combine security, communications and brand marketing on the Internet."

Oliver Hülse,
Commercial Director, Adconion Media Group


"In comparison to the often unreadable CAPTCHAs, the short movies of CaptchaAd represent a tremendous step forward. Website operators can secure the bot-protection as well as a further source of revenue."

Alexander Hüsing,
Editor, www.deutsche-startups.de


"One of the most exciting and inspiring applications of video in a long time."

Jochen Kirsch,
Exciting Commerce


"I met CaptchaAd at the Start-Up Camp where they won the “Champ of the Camp. " The idea is so simple and obvious that they had already convinced me in their 2-minute elevator pitch. Together with Donatus Schmid (Marketing Director Germany), I’m looking forward to the marketing and sales workshop (grand prize of the StartUp Camp!) with these guys, and hope that in the future more and more annoying CAPTCHAs will be replaced by CaptchaAds. "

Christian Mueller,
Startup Community & Online Marketing Manager, Sun Microsystems GmbH


"CaptchaAds provide high quality advertising with the direct perception of control. For advertisers, this is the ideal platform for products to be placed with maximum attention effectiveness. "

Thomas Ottersbach,
Managing Director, mediaroute GmbH


"Through the combination of practical usability, security optimization and improved CAPTCHA technology, as well as the additional marketing potential of the integrated forms of advertising, CaptchaAd offers a multidimensional value for both publishers and advertisers."

Carsten Vogt,
Manager Business Development, Goldbach Media Management


"CaptchaAd is spam-safe and easy to integrate into the site. Coupled with additional revenue potential, CaptchaAd is an ideal tool for portal operators! "

Christian Weis,
Founder and CEO, www.business-on.de


"Through ‘DYI-Web’ more and more users are participating in discussions on the Internet. To protect forums, blogs, etc. against spam bots, it’s been common practice for some years now that one has to identify oneself as human before offering comments and opinions. To date the rule of thumb has been to do so using "decrypted", highly distorted numbers and number sequences that no bot can automatically read. Why not use our short attention spans for advertising? The short videos from CaptchaAd will be perceived as more of a quiz than advertisement, they’ll involve the user a bit more, and they won’t require (much) more time than would be spent anyway at this point. "

Tobias Worzyk,
Blogger, www.hamburg-startups.de


"Banner-Blindness is one of the major problems in online marketing–many users hardly notice an ad in typical banner format now. CaptchaAd has solved the problem intelligently and placed advertising in an area that simply can not be ignored"

Nico Zorn,
Partner, saphiron GmbH



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