What technology do you support?

So far, only PHP and Java are supported on the backend.

In both versions the viewer needs a website in order to place the CaptchaAd, as well as Flash plug-in version 10 or higher. That’ll get you your CaptchaAd.

Users will also need to have JavaScript installed.

Should one of these two conditions not be met, reCAPTCHA kicks in, providing a minimum of security.

Security Variant vs. Advertising Variant

Basically we offer two versions of CaptchaAd.
The security variant is to be understood primarily as a replacement for CAPTCHAs, while the advertising variant is to be understood as an innovative, interactive form of advertising.

Further information can be found here at:

Comparison of Options

Security vs. Advertising Variant »
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Wie viel Zeit benötigt die Integration von CaptchaAds?

Der Aufwand einer Integration von CaptchaAds ist abhängig von der gewünschten Variante, der jeweiligen Umgebung und natürlich den Fähigkeiten des Programmierers.

Sicherheitsvariante: ca. 1 Stunde (in PHP-kompatibler Umgebung)

Werbevariante: ca. 5 bis 10 Minuten

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