What are CaptchaAds?

Just about every Internet user knows: a CAPTCHA is a cryptic-looking number-letter combination that isused to distinguish human users from computer-SPAM bots. But in order to not to be read by bots, CAPTCHAs have become increasingly more complicated for humans to decipher.

The sense of frustration with these sometimes unsolvable CAPTCHAs inspired CaptchaAd’s business idea in 2008: SPAM protection (CAPTCHA) and advertising combined into one.

Beyond pure security applications, CaptchaAd has also developed an interactive moving image format.

You, the user, receive a standard 15-second commercial. When the commercial begins, you'll be asked to identify the content or brand which, from information clearly presented in the ad, will then be entered later. If you answer the question correctly, you proceed in a given process. In the video content, a deep link is stored. By clicking on the video the user is directed to the to the advertiser's target page.

Ideally, CaptchaAds will be integrated into processes with which the user is accustomed to interacting. The interaction with advertising materials and active engagement with advertising message – all through active involvement – produces an extremely high level of advertising effectiveness.

CaptchaAds provide a positive transfer of the brand or logo through users’ (temporary) access to premium content and premium services. Advertisers can achieve positive brand perception through CaptchaAds, as well as customer loyalty.

The integration of CaptchaAds opens up an opportunity for publishers to monetize their online content and to deliver moving image advertising.

Our goal is to provide a noticeable added value for the Internet, and to further advance our "Made in Germany" product.

Have we piqued your interest? Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the applicability of CaptchaAds. We can happily show you the many possibilities of CaptchaAds, each tailored to your individual goals.


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