Media formats

When CaptchaAds are installed on an Internet page, the following conditions, summarized in these document, are to be observed.

Minimum technical requirements

So that an end user can work with CaptchaAds, a few basic requirements must be met.

Necessary Plug-ins and Technology 

Flash 10 may be installed and activated.

JavaScript must be enabled.

For coverage of the Flash plug-ins, see the "Facts and Figures" section below.

Unsupported Browsers

CaptchaAd generally runs in all browsers that support Flash. iPads and iPhones do not support Flash. If CaptchaAd is not displayed correctly on a website (see Integration Guide) a reCAPTCHA will be displayed to ensure a minimum of security.

What kind of advertising materials should be sent? 

When you send us your advertising materials, some standards must be observed in order to ensure full integration of the CaptchaAd

Video Material 

The material to be included in a CaptchaAd must meet certain requirements in order to meet quality standards.

Please avoid unusual video codecs, as this may complicate the process unnecessarily.



The following figures show the division within a CaptchaAd: The video runs on the entire surface of 300 x 250 pixels, but is fully displayed only within the white area.

Size distribution (within 300 x 250 pixels) 

Maximum length (in seconds): 20
Minimum length (in seconds) 5
Minimum resolution (in order to guarantee loss-free representation): 300 x 250 pixels
Ideal resolution: 300 x 250 Pixel
Safe area (no bars top and bottom): 300 x 170 Pixel

There may be problems if formats come in beyond this ideal resolution. We do not recommend, for example, full-sized videos in HD formats (720p, 1080p), since these formats produce–even in short videos–enormous amounts of data, and must therefore be converted.

Bars above and below (each 40 pixels) 

The video embedded within the CaptchaAd surface has dimensions of 300 x 250 pixels. However, you should note that black bars will be displayed above and below the video, covering it partially (each bar = 40 pixels high). Please ensure that no important information is placed within the scope of this bar in the video (shown above).

Accepted Formats (for direct use in player) 

The following formats can be integrated directly into CaptchaAd. Videos delivered in the following formats need not be converted by us: *. flv, *. f4v, *. mp4

Accepted formats (for further processing) 

For videos that are to be converted by us into CaptchaAds, we accept the following formats (please note that processing costs may be charged): QuickTime Movie (*. mov), *. AVI

Tips for video-aspect ratios 

If you send us videos with aspect ratios that do not fit 1:1 into 300x250 pixels, they will be converted to fit into the format without distorting the video. Were you to send us a video in 16:9 format, for example, the end result will contain the above-mentioned bars on top and bottom.

And, as always with video

Color: RGB
Pixel aspect ratio: square pixels

For the Questions and Answers in the video 

Number of letters:

minimum length of question: 10
maximum length of question: 120
minimum length of answer: 3
maximum length of answer: 32
minimum number of responses: 1
maximum number of responses: variable

Formulation of questions and answers 

Short and concise is the idea here. Formulate a common, easy question. If a question is too complicated, the user might miss the response. Ambiguous questions can, under certain circumstances, lead to misunderstandings. 

Some examples of general questions: 

"What product is being advertised?"

"Who’s the advertiser of this spot?"

"Which film will be coming soon to theaters?"

"When’s this movie coming out?"

Examples of specific questions: 

"Which product was offered from the first to the last of January at your local Mediamarkt, and afterwards at Saturn?"
(Note: Mediamarkt and Saturn are electronics superstores in Germany.)


CaptchaAd lets more than one answer apply. Spelling errors, for example, can be integrated into the answer, as there is no maximum number of possible answers. It is also important that the answers be made as short possible. Avoid complete sentences as a response.

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