The better form of advertising

As an advertise, you have an opportunity, as part of your campaigns on both wide-reaching and targeted sides, to anchor your ads permanently in the minds of users through CaptchaAd - and to gain new customers!

  • By answering the question in the promotional video the user's attention is greatly increased.

  • Due to the interactive input of the answer, memory response is significantly increased.

  • Through 100% user perception you’re guaranteed that the user has really seen – and is aware of – your advertising.

  • The filling out of a CaptchaAd tied to the added value associated with it. Thus, in addition, the positive perception of advertising up with the user.

  • Our targeting capabilities enable you to engage in a dialogue with your target group in a determined setting.

  • Through CAPTCHA functionality you are ensured that your advertising is seen by human users and the statistics are not changed by automated programs.

... and so you get:

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