Standard Player 

Format: 300 x 250 pixels

Take a look at our showroom showroom for a few examples of this format.

XL Player 

Format: 600 x 400 pixels

Advantage: The XL-Player makes your advertising message even better through;
maximum attention of the user.

Have a look at an example of this format.

Branded Player 

Format: 300 x 250 and 600 x 400 pixels possible

Advantage: With the branded player you create maximum advertising impact and exposure of your brand, and, through additional elements, an even stronger user recollection rate.

Dimensions for the frame:

Standard:  300 x 40 pixels each, top and bottom
XL-Player: 600 x 40 pixelseach, top and bottom

The black areas (including logo) can be customized with the Branded Player. Animations are also easily possible.

Have a look at  an example  of this format.


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