CaptchaAds can be employed purposefully in a variety of areas:

  • Integration in browser games
  • Integration with video content (pre-roll replacement)
  • As a micropayment tool to monetize selected premium content and premium services
  • In a lottery or raffle, or with CaptchaAd itself as a lottery or raffle.
  • To replace existing CAPTCHAs
  • and much more ...

Check out some examples of some recent CaptchaAd integrations:

Farmerama » (Browsergames)

Lokalisten » (CAPTCHA substitute)

Gamona » (Download)

„The integration of CaptchaAd and the resulting benefits to our users in the form of maximum SPAM protection and increased user friendliness has been the greatest result of our work together. In addition to the effective monetization of new areas we have received almost entirely positive feedback from our users, and are therefore determined to work further with CaptchaAd GmbH.“

Stefanie Waehlert,

Partner von CaptchaAd