Problems with previous forms of advertising

The average click-through rates in Germany have fallen dramatically. Campaigns have been migrating from CPM* to CPC **. Increasingly, branding campaigns are booked on a CPC basis. In campaigns without targeting, CPC and CPM are actually considered equal.

Positive developments

The online advertising market breaks one growth record after another. Overall marketing budgets have been growing steadily. Advertising impact studies and forecasts for the future show bright prospects.

Negative developments

So-called »Banner Blindness« makes ordinary online advertising almost ineffective. Even modern forms of advertising are often not perceived by the user. Advertising blends in with other, non-advertising content.

Problems of standard online advertising

Investigations such as eye tracking studies show that standard advertising is only sometimes perceived by the user in its present form.

Problems of pre-roll ads

Other successful advertising methods such as PreRoll-Ads are paid attention to for only short periods of times, or are ignored entirely for the close button, or X.

Advertising “Breakdown”

This is when users try to end the spot by clicking the X to return to the actual content as quickly as possible.

* CPM = Cost Per Mille (Thousand Views)
** CPC = Cost Per Click


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